Community WiFi

High speed wireless networks have proven extremely popular and effective in areas where they are available. However, businesses and organizations have historically found it difficult to extend the coverage area of these networks in a cost effective way. We have the technology that addresses these challenges, making it easy to provide wireless internet access to large areas at a low total cost.



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In a traditional wireless network, each access point requires a hard wired network connection. This requirement makes it cumbersome and expensive to deploy the large number of access points required to cover large indoor or outdoor areas. With our mesh, only a small number of access points need to be wired. The great majority act as wireless repeaters, reducing the need for wiring and making deployment fast and simple. Our WiFi network re-evaluates thousands of routing paths every minute, resulting in better coverage and optimized network performance. Each additional repeater extends the reach of the network and makes the mesh more reliable by adding additional links.


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