Digital Voice

If you’ve got a broadband Internet connection, Caller-IP Digital Voice is a service you can use to make Internet phone calls at significant savings over analog calling.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transforms your high speed Internet service into an inexpensive way to send and receive calls. You use your regular phone handset, and the calls sound just as good. The difference is the way the calls travel. VoIP uses an adapter to convert voice signals into data packets for Internet transmission. Traditional phone service sends calls over the telephone network via copper wire phone lines. VoIP sends calls over the Internet via your broadband connection, allowing you to take advantage of the low-cost calling and amazing features Digital Voice has to offer.

Caller-IP Digital Voice is useful to virtually any business. It’s particularly valuable for smaller businesses that don’t have the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in information systems and telecommunications, or large dedicated technology staffs. Caller-IP provides businesses of any size the productivity, image, mobility and customer service benefits of advanced call routing and message management. Your business is directly connected to the telecommunications infrastructure of the world.

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