Sip Trunking

If you have an existing on-premise PBX and would like to add the additional enhanced features of a Hosted VoIP system, SIP trunks from Caller-IP is the ideal solution for your company.

What is SIP trunking? Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking allows telephone calls to travel as digital Internet Protocol (IP) signals from end to end instead of using the conventional analog public phone system.

SIP trunks provide a converged voice and data connection which is more economical than traditional voice and data connections.  It enables you to extend Voice over IP (VoIP) beyond your organization’s firewall without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. In addition to VoIP calls, SIP trunks can also carry other enhanced features such as instant messages, conferencing, user information, (E911) emergency calls, and other real-time communications services.

Caller-IP offers two different SIP Trunk enhancement services depending on whether your company is replacing its existing POTs line or PRIs; Enhanced Business Anywhere and Enhanced Business Trunking.

Choose a trusted provider… choose Caller-IP

To learn more about how Caller-IP can help your business with its SIP Trunking needs, contact us at (239) 454-8647 or email

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